Cover art for: Off the tracks


Off the tracks

With a coy smile, Tom and slides his hand down James’ arm and lets his fingers brush over James’ warm palm. As he starts leading him in the direction of the stairs, James stumbles after him, his feet having lost all smooth coordination. The bedroom is dark until Tom lets go of his hand to turn on the bedside lamps, bathing the stylishly furnished room in a soft, yellow light. But when he turns around to face James again, a little of the earlier hesitance has crept back into his expression. Remembering his earlier promise to himself, James crosses the room in two quick strides, snaking his arms around Tom’s waist and drawing him into a deep, unyielding kiss. Tom responds beautifully, opening up to him and growing noticeably more eager the longer the kiss goes on.

Immediately, strong arms wrap around James’ back...

James walks them back the last few steps to the bed, gently pushing Tom down onto the mattress. He goes easily and James climbs on too, straddling Tom’s thighs and sitting down in his lap. Immediately, strong arms wrap around James’ back, and when Tom looks up at him, his eyes shine with something akin to reverence.

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